venerdì 26 febbraio 2010

back home, leave home

I've always found funny that in english the word "tense" and "intense" have the same root, while in italian they haven't. So if I say that these are tense days, it will be an appropriate explanation just in english. Because even if some things are really hard to sustain, often you can find something deeply breathing on it. Leaving out this supermarket philosophy, I just want to spend some words and pictures about a short (but intense) week end I spent in my hometown. There was cold and rain, then a bright sun showed up and in my personal language it means just one thing: sea. Or maybe two: sea, and dog.

I also found some strange little arms in my garden, I'll document it later. now bedtime.

giovedì 18 febbraio 2010


these are some illustrations I did for my studio

here's some closeups
but I definitely prefer the illustrations that I do IN my studio.

today last sewing session with my flatmate, shes going back to her hometown (cracovia) in one week, and tomorrow I'll go back to mine for some days. I will miss badly our lazy sundays, surrounded by snow, drinking tea, joking with cats and listening to nonsense radio transmissions. how nostalgic.

mercoledì 3 febbraio 2010

new flyer!

i preferred this, less-saturated, version, but the dj decided for the first one.

these are panda days. god bless who invented sleeping masks and who gaves me the panda-eyes-shaped one.