lunedì 31 agosto 2009


A short sketch about how three people, some pizza's pasta, acrylics, a photocamera and two bottle of wine can make a funny and nonsense afterdinner.

sabato 29 agosto 2009

Verrà la morte e avrà i tuoi occhi.

Sarà come smettere un vizio,
come vedere nello specchio
riemergere un viso morto,
come ascoltare un labbro chiuso.
Scenderemo nel gorgo muti.

lunedì 24 agosto 2009

It's not over yet

even if my trip around the netherlands is officially ended, I've got lot of stuff to do here in Turin. Moving, for example. Or rather, finding a place where to move into (I thought I already found it but what's life without snap complications); planning my new working hours; and maybe enrolling here (if anyone has suggest about courses like this, please let me know). In the meanwhile I spend my time watching movies, filling my washing machine with all my dirty clothes, and scanning random pages of my notebook, like these ones:

(from amsterdam)

(from antwerp)
Anyway, It's always pleasant to be at home.

martedì 18 agosto 2009

a cup of murphy in antwerp!

I'm writing from the best (and worse) hostel in town, it looks like an ancient and decadent house, our bathroom is into another bedroom full of japanese girls, there's a big and smelly kitchen, a grand piano beside my bed and 3 australian guys that will come to the pukkelpop with us. Antwerp is amazing, I probably visited the best comics store I've ever seen
, felt in love with a pianist, ate some delicious waffle, and also drew a little. I went to MUNTPLAIN (the local guide define it like an "open-air art gallery", honestly all that I saw was a little park where you occasionally can take your dog for a walk) with a brand new montana and some ugly markers (thank you amsterdam unknown market) and that's what went out. Like every respectable tea cup, is on a table.

And now we are ready to get (literally) dirty and wasted in kiewit!

martedì 11 agosto 2009

abandoned neighborhood

even if the sand was obrobrious (thank you Balletto) and we had too little spices, live painting went well. We drawn on a 70x100 cm black canavas some monsters and moustached castles, sooner or later I'll got some pics.
I spent these last days in Ogliastra (the district in the est of Sardinia), I went to Calici di Stelle and it was pretty amazing, lots of people walking down these narrow roads, tasting different wines and typical foods (coccoi prena are my favourite), bands playing all over the town, and if you think that all happened after an entire day at the beach, you'll understand how wonderful is spending free time in Sardinia.

Besides getting brown and drunk, I found an amazing abandoned house next to ours, I took some pics, and did some doodles with an ugly (but functional) black marker. Here's some pics.

(This was supposed to be a bedroom)

and some details:

Tomorrow I'll leave for 10 days, that I'll spend wandering about Holland and Belgium, the weather will be bad and I swear that this is a good news to me! more hoods, less shorts.

lunedì 3 agosto 2009


Some months ago, me and tostoini decided that the Cagliari's beach should be more than reggae music and beers, so we planned something different, something that could join the soulfoulness of our beloved Poetto with visual art. So the best idea was - obviously - a live painting. But then we realized that the trade-off between acrylic paints + sand + mistral could be a little hazardous, so why don't paint with the help of sand and wind themselves?

If it sounds interesting, let's have a look next thursday, you can find good music (reggae is not allowed, I swear!), good people, good drinks and two weird kids painting glue on a panel. Yes, because people have to contribute, you'll see..