martedì 26 gennaio 2010

when everything in town goes to the dogs, don't worry, there's always a supercolorpanda inside of you that solves everything.

actually, mine is wearing pyjamas.

lunedì 18 gennaio 2010

Finally a little money, and a little time for shopping. Saturday I went to my beloved balon, the biggest vintage market in Italy. Ok, I honestly don't know if is the biggest one, and I refuse to search the web to obtain a so ridicolous information, but it is a great market for sure. I wasted my little money with this absolutely necessary stuff:

But let's go by order:

- vintage magazines: a 1938 VOGUE copy

- ABC, an amazing 60's italian magazine

monster case (+ 2 brushes)

and saturday night I went to the fabulous Camillas show where I find this special edition of Lamette magazine:

I also bought some pins

in the meantime, i found out some sticky paper and I did some stickers; most of them are already pasted in some wall, this is the last one:

I also appreciated this low cost but high quality package (as well as I fell in love with this yearning emilian singer):

If you noticed, there was also a reflex camera; I'll spend some words and pics later. now I'm just enjoyin'it.


domenica 10 gennaio 2010

handmade holidays pt.3

a poster we tried to stick up the streets of our hometown but unfortunately some boring representative of public order and urban propriety tore it down after 1 day.

sabato 9 gennaio 2010

handmade holidays pt.2

painting in abandoned places the last days of december with 25 celsius degrees.

venerdì 8 gennaio 2010

handmade holidays pt.1

I've just left 20 degrees, sun, friends, dog, family, beach, and came back to cold, snow, work, cats, grey sky, mountains. It sounds bad but I'm ok. In my beloved island I spent my house life watching movies and sewing, or watching movies and drawing, or sleeping, to recover all the sleeping hours I lost in the past 4 months I spent far from home. Sardinia is soporific, and I love it!

I did an appique for a bag (that my lovely glamjem gave me), a mushroom for my aquired sister, and a lot of moustaches but they will be official released live really soon..